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How To Use Multiple Desktops



Not too many people know or use this feature, but having multiple desktops can help organise your work and avoid clutter.

  • To view the current desktops, simply swipe the touchpad with three fingers up, or use CTRL (^) + UP shortcut:


  • If you hover over the names, you can actually see the content on each of them:


  • To add a new desktop, simply click the big plus button on the top right corner of the screen.
  • To delete a workspace, hover with the mouse over and an ‘X’ sign will appear in its top left corner:


  • To switch between workspaces is also pretty straight-forward: swipe the touchpad with three fingers left/right or use CTRL(^) + LEFT/RIGHT shortcuts to move to the previous/next workspace.
  • To switch directly to a specific workspace number, enable global shortcuts in Preferences → Keyboard → Shortcuts → Mission Control:


  • You may wonder how you could move a window from one workspace to another. It’s possible and very simple: select the window and press the combination for the destination desktop (e.g. CMD + 3), or just drag the window to the top of the screen, wait for the destination desktop to appear and drop it there: